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Two Comics by Grant Hoskins

Item:  Assemblyperson Laurie Davies (R-73) introduces "Parents Bill of Rights"


From the Orange County Register:  "Davies’ bill, AB 1785, reiterates existing laws and rights that parents already have but also stipulates what schools would need to do to keep parents involved and informed about those rights. The proposed legislation, for example, would require a school or district to post information on its website regarding various topics, such as immunization requirements, how to inspect instructional materials and curriculum and how to opt out of sex education. The bill also proposes that schools would need to provide an annual newsletter 'about the nature and purpose of clubs and activities offered' on campus."

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Grant Hoskins is a self-taught artist who has been creating art from childhood onward. His art can be found locally and internationally ranging from galleries, zines, music album covers and pieces in the streets of Southern California. 

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