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Summer Bailey's Activism

by Summer Bailey

Perhaps you read the recent Los Angeles Times article by Hannah Fry, “Democrats are emphasizing abortion to mobilize voters. Will it work in Orange County?” It’s a terrific piece with a photograph worth at least as many words as the excellent reporting from Hannah Fry. Here’s the caption that accompanied the pic by Dania Maxwell: “Summer Bailey, a nonpartisan voter, calls the issue of women's bodily autonomy her ‘war cry,’ while standing between congressional campaign signs for Republican candidates in Newport Beach. Both candidates are vying for Rep. Katie Porter's seat in Congress, but are anti-abortion.” The candidates are Scott Baugh (we dare you to research him) and Max Ukropina.  The helpful sign reads: “BOTH ARE ANTI-CHOICE,” with arrows of course pointing left and right, err, right and far-right, misogynistically. 

That photo went on my fridge immediately. Then I contacted Summer Bailey, who shared this mini-album documenting some of her recent pitch-perfect low-tech agitprop, including posters, banners, and costumes.  Her messages (smart, funny, easy to apprehend) don’t need further elaboration, but her bio note for Citric Acid offers acidic humor.  She describes herself as “a nonpartisan voter who leans left due to having a uterus.” --- Eds


Summer Bailey is a nonpartisan voter who leans left due to having a uterus. She is a UCI alum who happily raised her family in red Newport Beach and always valued respectful, open, and polite political dialogue & debates. That is… until Trump. Since then, she has patriotically become more and more outspoken and open about her rage and horror at Trump’s ravages of our nation’s proud traditions, standards, laws & ethics. With handmade poster boards in hand, she has tried to show up for our country’s commitment to justice & liberty whenever possible.  

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