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Santa Ana Reflections: A Mural's Archival Exhibition

by Roger Eyes R.


at Crear Studios August 31 – Sept 2, 2023

This summer “Santa Ana Reflections: A Mural's Archival Exhibition with Roger Eyes R.,” celebrated, documented, and explicated the mural recently created by artist Roger Eyes R. The mural was created in the backlot of 222 N. 5th Street in downtown Santa Ana, behind Crear Studios, which organized and hosted this “gallery takeover.” The project was supported by the City of Santa Ana and Revive. Thanks to Crear Studios and to Roger Eyes R. for sharing images and documents displayed at the exhibition.





All photos by Carla Zárate Suárez


Professional multidisciplinary artist Roger Eyes R, has creatively engaged with communities in and around his hometown since 2015. His interest is in the people, history, and culture of Santa Ana California. and has this to offer on staying inspired: “Keep creatively busy. Do it well, so it with love, and you’ll know your muse has found you when you begin to have fun.” His work was selected for exhibition at the age of five after, unbeknownst to him, his teacher submitted his drawing to an art contest and received an award; and from then on it began. Roger studied fine art, sculpting, graphics arts & design for many years and currently focuses on large-scale murals. He employs his signature “Color-Rez” style, layering application informed by impressionism and pointillism to form textures and images through the placement of complimenting colors in all of his personal work. He regards art to be a magnetic form of "expression & response" and his compulsion to create and share is his nature and so, he remains an active member of the art community with award-winning independent creative projects, partnerships and collaborations that continue to connect people to art and further strengthen the future of Santa Ana, arts and culture.

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