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Art and Activism

Action-Figure Diplomas

venky & laura

Action-Variations on a Theme

This issue’s action and activism (and art) theme finds a sincere, funny, and pedagogically pitch-perfect gesture --- of wit, solidarity, and affection --- in these two action-figure activist “diplomas” awarded by “venky & laura” to two impressive UC union comrades, leaders in the union which represents UC Librarians and Lecturers, University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT). Both UCI’s Brook Haley (see “The Chancellor Who Cried Zot!” and “Action-Figure Activism”) and John Branstetter joined, participated in, and were arrested at their respective campuses in solidarity with Free Palestine encampments.  Haley is a Lecturer in Humanities Core at UC Irvine. Branstetter is a Lecturer in political science at UCLA. In addition to reading the topic-related transcript of an episode of the radio show/podcast Scholars’ Circle in this issue, Citric Acidheads might appreciate Branstetter’s interview by legendary journalist Ian Masters over at his radio show/podcast Background Briefing.

Conception and graphic design by venky and laura:



When venky and laura don’t work on their academic and research projects, they hike in sweltering temperatures and make cat and other non-human friends.

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