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Art and Activism

Action-Figure Activism

Brook Haley

University of California, Irvine Humanities Core Lecturer Brook Haley (see "The Chancellor Who Cried Zot!") creates photo-dioramas as part of his pedagogy and activism. He generously shared images with Citric Acid (who else?) from his impressive portfolio of staged comic book scenes, concerts, and political rallies using action figures and DIY accessories. Those featured below were constructed at various on-campus locations during and leading up to the Free Palestine encampment on the UCI campus.


Brook Haley is a communist who collects comics, action figures, and postcards. He has taught Comparative Literature, English, European Studies, French, Humanities, and Religious Studies at UCI, Pomona College, Université Paris Nanterre, and two private secondary schools in San Diego County, while participating in labor actions on three continents. Recently found to be "excellent" as a Humanities Core lecturer, he continues to teach in the first-year transdisciplinary program "Worldbuilding" and to stage comic book scenes, concerts, and political rallies with his figures and DIY accessories.

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